How to config customer request call back

In real terms, there will be a situation where the agents are not enough to deal with customers (for example, a queue is busy or non-working time), asterCC provides a callback function that allows customers to call back, so that when the system is available, the attendant can call back to serve.

Application Scenarios:

  • incoming call queue, do not want to wait after some time, choose a callback service on the queue menu
  • customer dial support number, the system checks the time for non-work time, it will play IVR menu that allows customers to choose a callback
  • Incoming call queue, waiting for too long and hangs up (missed calls)

When the system has a callback request, the system will put this number in the list of missed calls with highest priority, meanwhile sending a notification to the agents. For ordinary missed calls, the system will update the missed call list without notice; agents can view the missed call list and call back.

This scenario for incoming queue 600, when the queue is over-due, enter IVR, ask the user to press 1 to continue to wait, press 2 request a call back, press 3 for leaving a message.

IVR Set IVR callback request

  • Creat a main IVR process

  • Set Actions

As shown above, add playback number receiving action, voice prompts: agents are all busy, wait for response press 1, press 2 to request a call back, please press 3 to leave a message.

  • Set transfer

For transfer source, select inputcode, when the condition is 1, transfer to the 600 queue, the customer come back into the queue and wait; transfer condition 2 for “require a return visit”. There are two kinds of transfer destinations for incoming call or outbound marketing, select the destination according to the real business situation. When the destination is outbound marketing, visit request notice will be sent to the corresponding agents. If the destination is an incoming call, the corresponding customer service should be chosen to call back; condition 3, transfer to message application, customers can leave a message accordingly.

Set transfer failure in the queue

Edit 600 queue, failure transfer to computer communications. Failure transfer destination selects the IVR callback request. When the queue is over-due, it automatically transferred to IVR.

Agent Interface

  • request a callback, the system will record and play the prompt “Thank you, we will reply as soon as possible”. The 600 queue agent will receive a callback notice.
  • Missed calls interface shows the callback request and ordinary missed calls. Calls require for reply will be topped.

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