Billing and Invoice


asterCC Commercial provided three level billing for outbound calls

  • System billing → Get the cost of the system
  • Team billing → Bill a team
  • Customer billing → Bill an account (user)

Combined with the invoice and financial management features, you are able to run a hosted IP phone system.

Config Rate

We config customer rate as a sample

First, we add local call rate, the local call number has prefix 514 and 438, rate is 0.01 per minute, billing by minute

We didn't select team and trunk means that the rate is a default rate for all teams and trunks.

Second, we config a rate to dial to China, country code is 86, when we dial, we will dial 01186, rate is 0.02 per minute, billing by minute

then we have

please read customerrates for more detail.

Then I had two calls made and answered from my soft phone, it list the cost for each call

  • Credit: the charge of the call
  • Billsec: Duration of the answered time
  • Duration: Duration since dial

Also, my balance is updated

  • Credit means my current balance
  • Cost means my total charge

If we configed team rate and system rate, we can see the changes in Team

  • Cur Credit: current team balance
  • Total Credit: total charge
  • Account Credit: the total charges of all accounts in the team, the credit the team should collect from all his accounts
  • System Credit: the total cost of the team, the credit the team should pay for the system

Config the invoice

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