Predictive dialer

When using predictive dialer, system will dial a batch of customer numbers, and customer answer the call, system will transfer the call to a queue, then call agents in the queue to talk to customers

  • If no calls are connected, even there are idle agents, they would not get any calls
  • When customer answered a call, they will go to a queue, if there are idle agents, agent phone will ring, and when agent answered the call, they will talk to the customer

The benefits of using predictive dialer:

  • agent don't need wait for ringing time
  • agent don't need wait for not available phones
  • agent don't need to do anything but answer calls


Predictive dialer need work with campaign, to use predictive dialer, you must create a campaign first.

Campaign Add Page

When the ongoing campaign is using the main table, then the campaign cannot enable dialer.

Customer Package

The data in the customer package can be imported or chosen from main table.

  1. Choose customers and add them to the customer package from main table: in the customer package management→add page, click “select customer” to open the main table page, and choose the customer information and add them to the customer package. You can also go to the edit page to click the “choose from main table” button and add data.
  2. You can import mass customer data into the package with the import function.

Import customers & numbers to dial list

Relate the data from dial list and customer package. And we need to add data for dial list from customer package.

Recycle dialed customers & numbers to dial list

Campaign Customer Page

In the picture above, we can recycle by checked or conditions. Click the button and the recycle setting page will pop up,

Dialer Recycle Setting

When finishing setting , click ok and the recycled the customer data will be added to the campaign dial list.

  • Also, you can go to dialer –> dialer and click the button behind the data you would like to recycle, Recycle Button On the Dialer Page

and open the recycle page:

Recycle Customer On the Dialer Page

Import customers to campaign, and to dial list

When you import customers to a campaign(customer package), you can select to import to predictive dialer at the same time

Insert into diallist when import

After selecting the number, scheduler and priority column, you can choose what to do when there're duplicated records, like to avoid dial duplicated number or dial the number again.

Duplicate customer import diallist

Use filter for recycle automatically

Recycle customer by filter

Create a filter, you can define a condition and a scheduler, it will recycle all matched numbers back to dial list on scheduler.

Dialer Management

Manage dialer in the dialer page

Clients with the permission to pagedialer –> dialer all pocess the access to this page, and check the program under the agents of each team.

Manage Recycle Filter

In the picture above we can see, each team has its own dialer status of a campaign, the client can enable the dailer, place calls, configure the dialer, and check the status of customer calls.

Click View Diallist behind each dialer, and open the customer page of the dialer, the client can check and delete the customer data in the list.

Manage customer data in the customer data list under the dialer module

In page dialer –> campaign_diallists, you can check the customers in the diallist, recycle data and delete data.

Only “Open” records could be removed from dial list

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