Pre-dial is a configured set of actions, in accordance to a certain strategy, that will initiate calls to customers and pass them on to a sales force or a customer service support. When the call is answered. it is immediately transferred to a waiting agent. The key advantage of this powerful astercc functionality is that the system will automatically call customers and assign the calls to agents. It will eliminate the need for agents to first find the number, then dial it, then wait for the phone to ring and then often a suite of other actions to be done. This saves time, reduces probability of dialling errors and enhances high work efficiency. Just imagine how much time is wasted on thousands of calls when dialling is performed manually and employees are waiting for the customer to answer.

  • make a pre-dial dialist csv file that you will import in your astercc system

  • go to the data import interface

  • Upload the file, select the campaign (DEMO system, select astercc-campaign to get pre-dial experience), select the corresponding relation between data column and the customers' table project and choose one of the listed phone number fields import to the pre-dial dialist.

  • start the data import

  • Check the data import

  • After successfully importing the data, enter the dialler page. You are almost ready to start pre-dial.

  • before starting the Pre-dial, set dial strategy: Max Channel/Agent Percentage.

Max Channel: This value determines the maximum amount of calls that the system can do at the same time. Please note that its limitation can be determined by the gateway provider of the system (trunk). The system constantly checks the status of the channels (busy, ringing and available). For example: If this Max Channel option is set to 50 and the dialer detects that the system has 30 channels active on calls of a campaign, and that 10 channels are campaign phone numbers ringing, then the dialler will initiate another 10 calls. The system makes sure that 50 calls are working/occupied at all the time.

Agent Percentage: This value is multiplied by the number of available agents to determine the amount of calls that should be initiated. For example: If this selected option is set to 120% and the dialler detects that the current campaign belongs to an agent group that has 40 agents in idle state, the dialler first identifies the calls that are ringing. If there are 10 calls at the ringing stage, the system automatically initiates 36 calls (40 agents in idle state minus 10 ringing calls multiplied by 120% equates to 36 new dials).

  • after setting up the dialling strategy, click the “start” button to start the pre-dial “engine”. During this dial-up process, click on the campaign name to view pre-dial process in real time.

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