Use rates: astercc multi-level billing mechanism for the user in the system for flexible billing. The three-tier rate management of external outgoing call for billing

We first understand the system rate:

System rates

Purchase rate of the system rates are generally used for the cost of the system exhaled, for the statistics of each relay outbound costs and total cost of outbound.

When the relay outbound relay system rates set match, and call the number and rate rules match, the system will be calculated in accordance with the matching rates the cost of the call, while added to the outbound relay outgoing costs and system costs.

Only the system administrator can set the system rate.

The system rates the click system management a list of rates management to open the Add system rate interface:

“No prefix” The rate that matches the called number prefix, for example, “0” indicates the country number, international number “00”, “001” means the United States, if you fill in the “default” indicatesmatches an arbitrary number. Limited number length “Number Length set to 0 for unlimited.

Goals a name for the application of this rate, such as “City”, “long” or “American”. “Connect rate” refers to a long set the initial rates or continued until the rate of the initial time to time long length to explain the beginning when the call is connected. If the initial length of 180 seconds, the connection rates are rates within 180 seconds.

Rate per minute rates. “Billing cycle” long charging time. Set up their own business needs.

For example, we want to set a relay line of the city, the first three minutes 0.2 yuan and 0.1 yuan per minute after, you can set as follows:

“State” :control setting rates to take effect.

“Team” in the system, the rate actually does not make sense, only for the convenience of the corresponding relay, does not play a practical role need to be counted, and then select “relay” the relay of the fee.

With “*” Required options are completed, click [Save].

Note: If you do not select the relay, said the cost records to the outgoing costs but not the cost of any relay will increase. The set of the system of rates and the actual use of the relay selection has nothing to do only exhaled costs used to calculate the relay.

Find out the relay, the system will be to the system rate to call when the rates corresponding to the relay.

The saved data will appear in the first line of the list of system rates, double-click the section data can be edited to modify

All data double-click can be modified after the mouse leaves the system automatically updates the saved;

Team rates

The team rates the system sold to the rates of the team and also exhaled cost of the team. Rate rules is customized by the system administrator, the team is read-only rates for the team administrator.

Click on the rates under the management of the list of system management team rates to open the Add team rate interface:

The need to fill the field with the system appears the same rate, and can refer to the above rates set to fill the interface.

Which should be noted that:

Team rates Team To select the rates applied to the team (team). If not selected, indicating that this rate can be applied to all the team, the process of using the system will give priority to match the rates within the team, if no match is found, you will find the team rates do not specify.

“Relay” that need to be charging relay.

Completed, click [Save], the team rates page will display the newly added data, double-click the data, you can open the editing interface, its data modifications.

Extension rates

In addition to billing for the extension outside the call, the extension rate also play the role of relay selection, the matching rate rules call will be sent to the corresponding relay outgoing.

Relay selection in the order: <note important> 1.account group-level rate matching matches the extension rate

3 system-level matches the extension rate </ note>

Under the same level of rates, matching the order of: <note important> 1. prefix and length to match both

2. length matching

3. prefix match

4. Rate matching of the default (default)

</ note>

In the management list, click Rate management→The extension rate of extension rate interface to open the Add

<note warning> In addition to the rate with the system, the team rates the same parameters in the setting of the extension rate, but also more “account group” a , some extension that can be owned by a group unified rate managementIf you do not select the account group indicates that the rate can be used for any internal extension. </ note>

Add the extension rate at the time, if you do not select the account group, then the system will automatically apply the rate of application to the entire team. Number length is written to 0, which matches any length. Number prefix to write the default, which matches all prefixes.

Data completed, click [save], the new data will appear in the first line of the extension rates page, double-click on the data, you can open the editing interface, data modification.

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