after we set up the devices, we need to configure the softphone. Inside calls can be realized when the soft phone has been successfully registered.

Configure the softphone

Download X-Lite


In the x-lite's homepage, click the button to download the soft phone. During the download process, you can choose the flatform supported by the system.

Start to download and choose the path.

Install X-Lite

Double-click the X-Lite_Win32_4.1_63214.exe setup.

Click “Next” to continue

Agree and Continue


Select the path and continue


Click “Install” to complete the installation

Finally click the “Finish”, and the installation of the X-Lite is successfully done.

SIP Account settings

You will see the SIP Account settings interface popping up the first time you run Xlite, or you may just choose SIP Account Settings to get into the inferface. Then you can start to set the SIP account.

The SIP account is actually corresponding to an SIP-type device added in the system. Enter the system, open the device management page, and double-click a device record to open the interface:

The red font identifies the corresponding relation between the relevant item in the device information and the SIP account settings in the Xlite.

User ID: the identification of the device

Domain: the intranet IP address of the system

Password: the password of the device

Displayname: the caller name

Click “OK” to submit the setting

If the settings submitted has been successfully registered, you could see the word “available” in the interface.

Now, the soft phone is configured. You can use it to realize callings, incoming calls and inside calls.

You can dial extension numbers directly. When calls come in, their information will show up in the screen.

Continue to understand the Configure the ring group

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