Add agenting group

Agent group management a number of agents the collection and queues correspond to the added agenting in the agenting group agenting available in the queue, add agenting group and queue and the corresponding agent to join a agenting group, the agent only after the login pagecheck-in and outbound operations.

  • Click on the Users → Agent Groups, click [Add].

Agent group name: any easy to remember name of the designated agenting group with the name of the queue relative to manage.

Team: Select team can be used.

Seats: Click on “add agents” button pops up the following interface

The left side of the box, all agents, the team choose to join the group of agents of agents, check in front of the box, and then click on the “right”, so that the selected agent to join the agenting group. The right side of the box agents, has been selected If you want to withdraw, select agents Click “left” to

Selection is complete click “Save” button.

Queue: Select a queue that corresponds with this agenting group.

The links work: The project This option is the default built-in, no need to choose.

Send login information: this project, this option is the default built-in, no need to select.

Allows the adapter outside: page outbound queue incoming call process, and whether to allow the agent to use the page advisory function of the external line number for consultation and transfer.

Allow outbound calls: set the agents permission to call outside the page, the “unlimited” to the page to call any number, “restricted” only to allow the call to agent the last 10 numbers in the phone records, “No” does not allow call outside through the page.

Allow incoming: whether to allow the agent to answer the call in the queue, choose “No” when the queue will not line up in the call distribution to agents.

Information in turn completed, click the “Save” button.

Seating group successfully added the first line of the agenting group management list appears, double-click the section data, open the editor agenting group interface

In gray can not be modified, black font double-click edit, the mouse is automatically saved after the departure of

Editing interface agents within a “group” button, when clicked, the system automatically jump to the agent management interface, the list only lists selected within the group a list of all agents

Double-click any of the data, open the Edit agent interface

Click on “View the agenting group” button will list the details of the agents in the agenting group

Click to return again back to the agenting group management interface, so that the agent and agent group added complete.

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