With quick setup, you can create accounts, devices and agents at batch.

Quick Add

  • Go to user → Qucik Setup
  • If you login as system admin, first you need to select the team you want to operate
  • Select “Generate New” in account, means it will generate account automaticly
  • Select Object
    • Device
    • Agent & Device
    • Agent

  • we select Agent & Device, so it will generate account, device and agent at same time, Click <Next>

  • Click <Detail Setup> to modify device paramters

  • Click <Preview> to check the account, device and agent system is about to generate

If you make password length same as the length of password prefix, you can get same password

  • Click <Save>, system will create these records, and it will ask if you want to save these information as a csv file

  • if you open the csv file, it will show

  • Click the reload bar to apply the changes

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