System Message

Can see the message about system by this page.

System Message Page

Can see whether the current system is the new version,if there is new version,it will be shown on the top.

System message

Customer name the name of this authorised user

Max agents the authorised max number of agents

Max dialer concurent calls the max concurrent calls of the authorised dialer

Vendor the software releaser

expire date the expire date of the authorisaton

Server time the server time

Download identity download identity

upload lisence upload lisence for authentation

System process

Core the status of the core. you can reboot by clicking the button behind.

CTI the current CTI status. you can reboot CTI by clicking the button behind.

Click the field behind CTI and see the status of each process. There is restart button and running link. See the picture below.


restart restart the server

shutdown shut down the server

Systen usage

num of agents the current agent number the system sets

num of queues the current queue number the system sets

num of devices the current device number the system sets

num of teams the current team number the system sets

System Module Expire Promot

If the module will be expired in 15 days,it will promot on this page,like this:

Module Expire

the following are all the information about the server where the software is

Server Message

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