• 1、First modify 【system】–>【Settings】–>【GENERAL SIP SETTINGS】

transport:Add tls, if it's already have pther protocol,please use ',' separate them.

After modify transport need click on the reload bar to take effect.

  • 2、Download asterisk's script “ast_tls_cert” file, use this script to generate an SSL certificate.</h3>

wget http://download3.astercc.org/ast_tls_cert

chmod +x ast_tls_cert

./ast_tls_cert -C pbx.sorry.com -O "My Computer" -d /etc/asterisk/keys

  • 3、Edit sip.conf file add tls support.

  • 4、yealink upload client SSL certification file ca.crt.

  • 5、yealink SIP Phone modify transport TLS signup for asterCC system.

Please allow access TCP port 5060 on iptables.

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