How to Config E-Commerce In A Campaign

Module Installation

  • go to [System Modules], find E-Commerce module

Module Installation,plase refer to module_installation

After the module is installed, you need to build an e-commerce solution,put the products is integrated into a unit for agent to sale.

Create E-Commerce

  • go to [E-Commerce] → [E-Commerce], click [Add].We can create different type of E-Commerce by need;

Add E-Commerce

Create Products For E-Commerce

  • go to [E-Commerce] → [Products], choose the select on the top of page,choose one E-Commerce,then click [Add],add product for this E-Commerce

Add Product

As shown picture above,add product for testCommerce

The parameter on the add page,please refer to product

If you need to add more,pleas repeat this setup.

Bind E-Commerce For Campaign

On the campaign page.Whether add or edit the campaign,it can select the E-Commerce for current campaign to bind

Bind E-Commerce For Campaign

After binded the E-Commerce,so you can see the E-Commerce part on the customer Pop page with this E-Commerce

Customer Popup Page On The Agent Work Page

Use agent's account to login the system,redirect to the agent work page,like this

Agent Work Page

When click the customer data in the page list or the customer dialin,the agent will popup the customer,like

If the E-Commerce is installed,and the E-Commerce is binded with the campaign,it will be shown on the customer popup page

Because the Campaign bind the E-Commerce,the customer popup page's content won't show all,split the page into two picture,as below

Customer Popup Page

Customer Popup Page

Explain the E-Commerce on the customer popup page:


In box ①,can search the product by `Product Name` `Type` and `Barcode`,the search result will be shown at box ② list

box ③ show the product which the agent is choosing product for customer,can click the order button behind the prodcut message to order the product.After click,the box ③ will show the ordered product

Can modify the `Unit-Price` `Quantity` `Original Price` `Discount Amount` `Amount Receivable` of product,if wanna cancel the product,click the cancel button behind every ordered product

In box ④,when finished choose the products,can save the purchase order for customer.`Consignee` will be automatically entered the popup customer'name,`ConsigneeMobile` will be automatically entered the popup customer'phone1 and `ConsigneePhone` will be automatically entered the popup customer'phone2.Finished order message,click `Save the order` button to save order,if save successfully,it will get the message.

In box ⑤,it shows the recent pruchase records,Default is not loading the data,need to click `Click the get recently purchase records` link to get data.The recent pruchase record will be shown in the data list.

Recent Purchase Records

As above,it shows the recent purchase records of every product's order record

  • OrderCode : The order code of the purchase order
  • Model : the module which created the order
  • Model ID : the module's name which created the order
  • Product Name : the product name of the order
  • Quantity : the purchase number with this product
  • Unit-Price : the unit price of this product
  • Original Price:the original price of this product.Maybe the agent discount the product for customer
  • Discount Amount:the discount number of this product which the agent discount for customer
  • Amount Receivable:the final transaction price of the order,after discount.
  • AgentNo:the agentno who created the purchase order
  • Created:when created the order

As above picture,add one prodcut for testCommerce

The premeter on the add page,refer to product

As box ⑤,Customer5001 buy the product,will create the order and purchase records,that's will be shown on the `Orders` and `History Orders` under the E-Commerce module.

go to [E-Commerce] → [E-Commerce] ,open the page,like this

Recent Order

choose the select in the red box on the top,and choose `testCommerce`,like this

Recent Order

As above,you can see the order message of the customer `Customer5001`(00000000005)

Why the order message of the `Module Type` is Customerservice in the page list?Because the E-Commerce can be binded to Customer Service too,and the customer of Customer Service had the order

go to [E-Commerce] → [Orders],open the page,like this:

History purchase records

choose the select in the red box on the top,and choose `testCommerce`,like this

History purchase records

Can set the premeter `E-commerce data RetentionTime` under `LargeData Process` in the setting page to control how long the order and the purchase records reserved

E-commerce data RetentionTime

the system can deal with the order and purchase records which created before the premeter value By this premeter to `History Orders` and `History Order Details` by this premeter

Can go to [E-Commerce] → [History Orders] and [History Order Details] to view the history order and purchase records

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