The use of customer rate

In addition to billing outbound calls to system users, it also played the role of trunk selection, when rules matched, call will be sent to the trunk configed in the rate.

Trunk selection order:

  1. Account group level rate match
  2. Team level rate match
  3. System level rate match

At the same level of rates, the order is:

  1. Prefix and the length match
  2. Length match
  3. Prefix match
  4. Default rate matching

Click to rate management → customer rates, will list all of the customer rates

add a customer rate

  • Login as team admin, it will list customer rates in the team and system level customer rates
  • For the team, system level customer rates is real-only

Click the “Add” button to add a rate

add a customer rate

  • in customer rate, if not account group is selected then means the rate applied to the entire team
  • when Length was “0”, that all length matching
  • when Prefix was “default”, that match all prefixes

Double-click rate record, open the edit window

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