asterCC Installation

there are two ways to install asterCC Commercial

  • automatic install from ISO
  • install from the installation shell

we suggest to use ISO installation

use ISO CD for automatic installation

* first go to, download the ISO file for burning a CD, please choose i386(32 bit) or x86_64(64 bit) based CPU of the server

* use a burning tools to burn the ISO file to a CD, then get a server, insert the CD, and config the server to boot from CD-ROM

During the installation, the harddish will be formatted

if this is the first time you use this, you could test in a virtual machine for testing

* start the server, you will see this

* hit Enter to continue

* select the language during the installaion

* a warning that the hard disk will be format, select YES to continue

* select the partition, we select use free space her(you can also select to use the entire hard disk, which will remove all existing partition), use Tab to switch between the options. select OK to continue

* if you select use whole harddisk, it will give the WARNING, just select YES to continue

* select NO to skip re-check

* select YES for network config

* use space key to enable IPV4

* network config

* config gateway and DNS

* set hostname of the server

* select time zone

* enter password of root user

please remember this password, and for security, please use a complex password

* installation start, it will take about 10 minutes

During the installation, system will reboot, please make sure it start up from hard disk rather than CD-ROM

* When installation is done, you could will the login prompt

* login use user root and the password you sett during the installation, it will give the current IP of the server.

* open your browser, enter the IP address, if all goes well, you will see asterCC login page

asterCC supports the following browser: chrome,Firefox,IE9+

using installation script

* first go to, download the script for asterCC Commercial installation

please download the script for your linux

for Redhad/Centos using install_asterCC_Commercial_CentOS

for Debian/Ubuntu using install_asterCC_Commercial_Ubuntu

all packages will be download to /usr/src, you can also put these packages to /usr/src to avoid long time downloading all package version could be found in

for CentOS/Redhat

chmod +x ./

for Ubuntu

chmod +x ./

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