how to use http_push sampl page to receive system events

In order to allow third-party programs to be able to accept astercc events, we need to config team API domain and Push event key

Config Team

  • Login as admin, go to [User] → [team], [Advanced]
  • Fill “Push event key”, in this case, we use temp123
  • Fill “API Domain”, because nginx and systems on the same server, we put

  • login from SSH, restart asterccd

service asterccd restart

Sample Page

system provides a sample page which is using http push to receiving call events

  • login as agent and then check-in

  • click [Menu] → [http_push get call events], open the sample page

  • to get a specific agent events, we need put

astercc_ip:asterCC server ip
astercc_identity: identity of the team of the agent
astercc_agentno: put the agent no, you want to get events
astercc_pwd: password of the agent, it is supposed to be in md5, say the agent password is temp123, the md5 string will be cca8dd8babd4c9996c8dfee788a49d18

  • click “Start receiving events”, now if you make a call from agent, you can see events output

  • To receive all events in a team, we don't need put agent no., but we need put md5 format of “Push event key”, we used temp123, so the md5 is cca8dd8babd4c9996c8dfee788a49d18

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