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 ===== How to receive post data from asterCC ===== ===== How to receive post data from asterCC =====
-座席在astercc系统,​成功保存本次联络记录后,astercc通过jquery ajax向你设置的地址发送数据.+when agent submit a success customer, astercc ​will send data to a url via jquery ajax
 <sxh javascript;>​ <sxh javascript;>​
 $.ajax({ $.ajax({
   type: '​POST', ​   type: '​POST', ​
-  url : 你填写的接收地址,+  url : your post url,
   dataType: '​json',​   dataType: '​json',​
-  data: 要发给你的数据(格式举例: a=1&​b=2&​c=3&​...)+  data: data(e.g.: a=1&​b=2&​c=3&​...)
 }); });
 </​sxh>​ </​sxh>​
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