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-  * 如果目标客户包使用的是总表客户并且待导入数据已存在于数据表。 +  * When the customer package of campaign use "Main Table" and the data which to be imported has existed in customer packagesthere are three treatments when importing the data: 
-  - **skip**(),不处理此类数据。 +  - **skip**(),doing nothing。 
-  - **unassignToCurrent**(),如果此客户未分配至其它客户包,那么将此客户分配至当前客户包。 +  - **unassignToCurrent**(),assign the customer into current package if it belong no package. 
-  - **reassignToCurrent**(),如果客户已分配至其它客户包,系统会将此用户转移至当前客户包。+  - **reassignToCurrent**(),move the customer into current package if it has belong to other package.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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