transfer to IVR

  • function:

agentToIvr (orgidentity,usertype,user,pwdtype,password,ivrexten,ivrflow,transfer)

  • Description:

transfer to IVR

  • Parameters:
Params Type Description
orgidentityStringteam identity string
usertypeStringagent / account
userStringagent No. / username
pwdtypeStringpassword type: plaintext/md5
ivrextenStringIVR exten number
ivrflowStringIVR flow, to simulate user input, use - as separator if you have multiple flow, such as 1-2-5 means customer press 1 in 1st flow, 2 in 2nd and 5 in 3rd
transferStringIVR transfer mode: 0 release transfer, 1 hold transfer
  • Return Format:


  • Type of the Return Value: String
  • Return values:
Value Description
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