• Function:


  • Description:

Hangup one call party or a list of parties

  • Parameters:
Params Type Description
uniqueidStringthe uniqueid of the calls you want to hangup, end with a comma
targetagentStringIf you don't have uniqueId, you need to put agent number. If you want to hangup group admin who is in spy, barge-in or whisper, put agent number, such as, group admin 2227 is spying agent 1986, put 1986 here if you need to hangup 2227.
targetStringhangup target:(channel,agent,caller,consult,all),uniqueId is required if you want to hangup a channel
pwdtypeStringUse plaintext or md5 password for agent or account
usertypeStringagent / account
userStringAgent No. or Username
orgidentityStringThe identity string of the team
  • uniqueid example:
    • Hangup one party: uniqueid,
    • Hnagup: uniqueid1, uniqueid2,…uniqueidN,
  • Return Format:


  • Type of the Return Value: String
  • Return Values:
Value Description
When uniqueid is not empty, message gives result for each uniqueid, ex:
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