Get recording file URL

  • Function:

getMonitor (sessionid, calldate, mp3)

  • Description:

According to sessionId and call date, get URL of the recording file for play or download

To use this API, you need to configure /etc/astercc.conf section [system] webroot_address first, it is supposed to be call center web URL, such as webroot_address =

  • Parameters:
Parameters Type Description
sessionidStringsessionId of the call
calldateStringcall date, such as: 2013-02-09
mp3Stringno / yes if you want mp3 format, no by default
  • Return Format:


  • Type of the Return Value:String
  • Return values:
Value Description
|Retuen|succeed|Retuen|record address
|Retuen|1|Retuen| 20130123114549-2227-1986.wav
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