Get the status of all agent in team

  • Function:

teamStatus(orgidentity, usertype, user, pwdtype, password, status)

  • Description:

Get agent stat(current status, how long current status last, idle time, busy duration)

  • Parameters:
Params Type Description
orgidentityStringteam identity string
usertypeStringagent / account
userStringagent No. / username
pwdtypeStringpassword type: plaintext/md5
Get a list of agent in the corresponding state(all,idle,busy,ring,pause,acw,login,logout),Multiple states are separated by commas,ex:idle,busy
    * all  get the status of all agent
    * idle  get the idle agent
    * busy  get the call agent
    * ring  get the ring agent
    * pause  get the pause agent
    * acw  get the acw agent
    * login  get the login agent
    * logout  get the logout agent
  • Return Format:


  • Type of the Return Value:String
  • Return Values:
Value Description
message is current agent stat: 
agent No.:current status,agent No.:current status  ex: 
|Retuen|1|Retuen|1005: idle,1006:ring
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