Agent group (queue) login/logout

  • Function:

queueAction(type,usertype,user,orgidentity,list,pwdtype,password,deviceexten, pushevent)

  • Description:

Agent login for one or several agents group

  • Parameters:
Params Type Description
type String 1(login) / 2(logout)
usertype String agent / account
user String Agent No. or Username
orgidentity String The identity string of the team
list String Put a string combine with agentgroup id, end with a comma, if you don’t put the list, it will login/logout from all agent group the agent belongs to
pwdtype String Password Type: plaintext/MD5
password String Use plaintext or md5 password for agent or account
pusheventString是否发送坐席通知事件yes(发送) / no(不发送) 默认为no。

A valid list format example: agentgroupid1,agentgroupid2,……agentgroupidn,

  • Return Format:


  • Type of the Return Value: String
  • Return Values:
Value Description
|Retuen|Successful seating group|Retuen|Messages:group id: results of enforcement|Retuen|1|Retuen|1:success,2:NotChecked
|Retuen|Failed|Retuen|Messages:group id: results of enforcement|Retuen|3|Retuen|1:NotChecked,2:NotFoundGroup


  • success checkin/check out success
  • CheckedIn Already checked in
  • NotInGroup Agent doesn't belong to the group
  • NotFoundGroup Agent group doesn't exist
  • NotChecked Agent is not checked in
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