Return Messages

Code Message Memo
BackMsg_01Parameters can not be empty
BackMsg_02Team identity string error or doesn't exist
BackMsg_03Agent no. error or doesn't exist
BackMsg_04Login success
BackMsg_05Agent account is disabled
BackMsg_06Agent account doesn't exist
BackMsg_07Wrong password
BackMsg_08Logout success
BackMsg_09Agent no. doesn't exist[Agent No.]
BackMsg_10Failed to switch queue status
BackMsg_11Agent group id doesn't exist[Agent group id]
BackMsg_12Agent doesn't exist
BackMsg_13Parameter type error
BackMsg_14Switch agent status sucess
BackMsg_15Account doesn't exist
BackMsg_16Call failed, agent doesn't login
BackMsg_17Call failed, agent status is [agent status], if agent status is empty, check BackMsg_16
BackMsg_18Call failed, agent has call limitation
BackMsg_19Call success
BackMsg_20Call failed
BackMsg_21Consult failed
BackMsg_22There's an ongoing dial request
BackMsg_23Agent doesn't bind a phone, failed to dial
BackMsg_24Agent not found, failed to dial
BackMsg_25The consulted agent is not login
BackMsg_26Failed to create consulted party
BackMsg_27Consult success
BackMsg_28Parameters error
BackMsg_29Transfer failed
BackMsg_30Agent ground doesn't exist
BackMsg_31Transfer success
BackMsg_32Callback success
BackMsg_33Callback failed
BackMsg_34Conference success
BackMsg_35Conference failed
BackMsg_36Hangup failed
BackMsg_37Hangup success
BackMsg_38No account for current agent
BackMsg_39Barge-in success
BackMsg_40Barge-in failed
BackMsg_41Spy success
BackMsg_42Spy failed
BackMsg_43Get record success
BackMsg_44Get record failed, no record match
BackMsg_45You are not allowed to hangup the current call
BackMsg_46Hangup success
BackMsg_47Hangup failed
BackMsg_48Whisper success
BackMsg_49Whisper failed
BackMsg_50No agent group for default team
BackMsg_51Call pause failed
BackMsg_52Call pause success
BackMsg_53Call un-pause failed
BackMsg_54Call un-pause success
BackMsg_55Agent no. error or doesn't exist
BackMsg_56Consult failed, agent status is [status]
BackMsg_57No agent group to login
BackMsg_58Agent didn't login to any agent group
BackMsg_59ACW mode switch success
BackMsg_60Agent is not login or doesn't belongs to the agent group
BackMsg_61ACW exit success
BackMsg_62Workway switch success
BackMsg_63Try use “usertype=account” method, but account doesn't exist or wrong password
BackMsg_64Call channel doesn't exist
BackMsg_65The agent is not group admin
BackMsg_66Agent is in pause
BackMsg_67Campaign id error
BackMsg_68Not group admin
BackMsg_69Campaign data imported
BackMsg_70Wrong modeltype or model_id
BackMsg_71context should not be empty
BackMsg_72Wrong parameter source
BackMsg_73Campaign doesn't exist
BackMsg_74File title doesn't match table structure
BackMsg_75Failed to generate SQL because wrong parameter “context”
BackMsg_76Column missing in file: field name
BackMsg_77Reset customer status success
BackMsg_78Update customer data success
BackMsg_79Reset customer agent success
BackMsg_80Insert to dial list success
BackMsg_81Duplicated record
BackMsg_82Duplicated phone number
BackMsg_83New customer imported and inserted to dial list
BackMsg_84New customer imported
BackMsg_85File storage error
BackMsg_86File format has to be CSV
BackMsg_87Failed to create import job
BackMsg_88Failed to upload file
BackMsg_89Failed to download remote file
BackMsg_404File doesn't exist
BackMsg_90Agent is not in ACW mode, failed to exit ACW
BackMsg_91Failed to switch work way, agent is not login or agent group doesn't exist or agent doesn't belongs to this group
BackMsg_92No related calls
BackMsg_93No agent found in agent group or team
BackMsg_94No related agent
BackMsg_95Agent is in a consult call, failed to create new consult call
BackMsg_96Agent is not in a regular call, failed to pause or unpause
BackMsg_97only number,*,# are allowed as DTMF
BackMsg_98Send DTMF failed
BackMsg_99Send DTMF success
BackMsg_100Failed to connect CTI
BackMsg_101varname is only allowed to use Capital letters, numbers, -,_ and must begin with Capital letter or number
BackMsg_102Set variable success
BackMsg_103Set variable failed
BackMsg_104Transfer to IVR is not allowed in a consult call
BackMsg_105Callback is not allowed in a conference
BackMsg_106Main IVR doesn't exist, please check “ivrexten” is valid
BackMsg_107IVR flow error, please check “ivrflow”
BackMsg_108Agent transfer IVR success
BackMsg_109Agent transfer IVR failed
BackMsg_110Extension doesn't exist
BackMsg_111Please logout first,if you are going to change the Ext. No.
BackMsg_112The installation of device is finished
BackMsg_113The creation of accounts is failed
BackMsg_114The creation of agents is failed
BackMsg_115Beyond the Max Agent Num.
BackMsg_116The license of server is ERROR
BackMsg_117The Dialing request of App is failed
BackMsg_118Agents not bind the extension
BackMsg_119Can't get the status of extension registeration
BackMsg_120[ip]Server had send request for Yealink SIP phone[IP]
BackMsg_121The extension has been used by other logined agent
BackMsg_122[type]Unsupport this version of yealink SIP phone[Version No.]
BackMsg_123The agent not belong any group
BackMsg_124Data deleted successfully by agent
BackMsg_125The agent is calling now,you can't move it from group
BackMsg_126The agent moved from group successfully
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