Orignate Call

  • Reques String:


  • Description:

Orignate a call

  • Parameters:
Params Type Description
targetdnStringAgent No. ( if it’s a internal call, and they must belong to same team) or put phone number if it’s an external call
targettypeStringexter (external call) / inner (internal call)
agentgroupidStringid of the agent group
usertypeStringagent / account
userStringAgent No. or Username
orgidentityStringThe identity string of the team
pwdtypeStringUse plaintext or md5 password for agent or account
modeltypeStringBusinessApp / Campaign / Virtualcustomer / Customerservice
model_idStringid of the model which you want to originate the call for
userdataStringuser data, only valid when modeltype= Campaign, say you put “customer_id=109&pwd=asdfg” here, when you receive the call events, you will get userdata=’ customer_id=109&pwd=asdfg’
agentextenStringoptional, if you put this, system will bind the exten to agent before dial
calleridStringoptional, callerId number
callernameStringoptional, callerId name
trunkidentityStringoptional, server will use this trunk to dial if you put trunk identity string
cidtypeStringoptional, 0 means use callerId above, 1 means use trunk callerId, 2 means use device callerId
  • Return Format:


  • Type of the Return Value: String
  • Return Values:
Value Description
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